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About Orthodox Karelia


The parish of St. Cassian of Muezersk under the jurisdiction of Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) in the town of Muezersk (Karelia) was organised in october 1992. The head of the parish Fr. Stephan Krassovitsky is also the Head of the Mission of ROCOR and the Vice-Chairman of the Social Committee "For the Moral Restoration of Russia".

The Churchwarden is Anatoly Serebrennikoff, the editor of the local independent newspaper "Muezersky Vestnick" (Muezersky Herald).

The number of parishioners is approximately some two-three hundred people. Fr. Stephan also visits some local villages of the Muezersk Region. Fr. Stephan is the spiritual leader of the local scouts detachment named in honour of St. Olaf, Martyr-King of Norway.

Every summer the Karelian scouts of Muezersk organize a scouting camp on the island of Valaam (lake Ladoga); and in 1999 the detachment of St. Olaf took part in the international scouts camp at the Vuoksa River near St. Petersburg.

The parish regularly publishes booklets about the Church history and religious life of Karelia under the title "Christian Karelia. The Isle of Rus".


The mail address of the Parish:


186960, Карелия, пос. Муезерский,

ул. Октябрьская, д. 34, кв. 17.

Анатолию Серебренникову

tel. (814-55) 2-15-50


E-mail of Fr. Stephan (in Moscow):